miniRAINBOWS Testimonies

Parents & Emergent Readers

“I am in a class of year 1 and 2s at Korakonui School. When the books and magic pen were brought for our classroom we were all very excited. It is used EVERY day in our classroom. The books are colourful and enticing for young readers. The farm book is especially popular in our class.

The magic pen has been an amazing tool for helping emergent readers. It has especially helped these readers to develop their one to one fingerpointing. It is also a great resource because students are able to use it independently. They experience success with their reading and as a result their confidence in their reading ability grows in leaps and bounds.

Since using the miniRainbow readers and the magic pen many parents have come to ask to borrow it for the weekend or the evening (proving how popular it is in our class). I have recommended the miniRainbow resource to many other teachers and parents. It is a fantastic resource that our whole class has thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks for developing such a great teaching and learning tool.”

Louise Dreyer, Korakonui School

RTLit: Like Having an Extra Teacher

“As a Resource Teacher: Literacy I am so pleased with the Mini Rainbows I bought 4 sets, so that I can put them into schools for the struggling students on my roll. It is almost like having an extra teacher in the classroom!

The children love them. The novelty of the ‘magic talking pen’ makes them want to read and listen. The books are just perfect for early readers. The clear print and interactive illustrations engage young readers (and adults).

The fact that they can listen to the whole sentence, to hear what good reading sounds like, or point under the word so that they can learn the high frequency words is just great.”

Lynne Torrie RTLit, Marton Junction School

Good for ELL - Ordering More

“Can you please supply another miniRAINBOWs set. I already have one and it is very useful for new English Language Learners.”

Julie Gray at Hillcrest Normal School

Mark of Apprecaition

“We love this resource. We purchased it to use with our early readers who have struggled to get underway with their reading. It’s a great ‘pick up and go’ resource suitable for teacher aides to use and teach from. The readers are appealing and of excellent quality. The huge plus and in appeal is the audio pen. This tool’s versatility in its use is a feature- a great choice of functions.

Thank you Meryl-Lynn in developing an excellent resource which is well priced and affordable.”

Brenda Marquet – Deputy Principal Y1-4 Opaheke School, Papakura.

New Entrants

“I have been using the mini rainbows system for one term with my New Entrant class of children.

The children absolutely love this resource as it gives them the freedom to be read to, or they can read themselves and just use the ‘magic pen’ to check if they have read the text correctly.

The illustrations are colourful, with different texts having photographs, drawings and cartoons, all which appeal to children. The design is clearly laid out, and digital content allows for another interactive aspect which the children enjoy using to ‘test’ themselves and others.

The implications for educating beginning readers is that the children are able to use the resource independently, yet are still supported to read and understand what it is they are reading. It has been such a wonderful addition to my classroom reading programme and I am very lucky to have been allowed to trial this in our school..

Thanks for providing such a meaningful and useful educational resource!”

Cynthia McInally, Mellons Bay School

  • Impressed Dad

    "Such a great tool to boost confidence in your child's reading. Tried and trusted."

    Linton Dodge, Christchurch

  • Whether or not English is the first language...

    I like the language they use in the Toxic Series. It has helped me with my English.

    Kritnesh (child), Wairakei

  • From NZ to Worldwide!

    "This is such a great way to get kids reading! 

    Love it!"

    Carol Williams, South Africa